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4 Practical Tips to Channel Your Toddler’s Endless Energy into Proper Exercise

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You are proud of your toddler because he is very much active. However, are you sure he is getting just the workout he needs?

Don’t worry. There are ways with which you can encourage your toddler for doing activities that will increase her strength and bring about proper development.

In addition to giving him baby walking toys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop to play with, you can implement various strategies which will channel his endless energy properly without losing any fun.

The National Association of Sports and Physical Education states that a toddler should spend at least 30 minutes in structured workout (an intentional physical activity like a tricycle ride or kickball) and at least 60 minutes in unstructured workout (e.g. free play in a park) every day.

This is essential because kids who are active in this way sleep better and maintain a healthy weight; plus, they are much more elated than sedentary kids.

What’s more, active children are capable of staving off diabetes, heart disease and a few types of cancer in the future.

And if you are worried that you may have to pay hefty gymnasium fees for your toddler to make her active, stop worrying! You can give her the necessary exercise without spending a penny.

1. Step Out

It’s essential for your child to step out in the sun and fresh air in order to get an encouragement to move. Take him to an open ground where he can run, jump, climb and hop as much as he likes.

If the park is not easily accessible, encourage him to play in your yard. Don’t fail to buy adequate amount of kids sports toys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop such as balls, riding toys and tricycle to encourage throwing and kicking.

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Teach him how to hold a mini tennis racket and how to hit a ball in the summer, while in the fall, you can encourage him to pick apples or jump in the raked leaves.

In the winter, play with him in the snow; throw snowballs at each other and make snow sculptures. In the spring, go camping or hiking with him.

2. Incorporate Exercise in the Daily Routine

Take your toddler on a walk towards the supermarket or library. Make sure she takes her stroller so that she’ll enjoy walking.

It’s also a good idea to ask her for help while tidying up the house. She’ll enjoy helping you out in small chores. Thank her for help so that she’ll feel appreciated.

You can also give her easy and small gardening tasks like watering plants, mowing a small patch of lawn etc. Keep a careful eye on her to ensure her safety.

All these chores will not only bring about physical activity but also cognitive development, development of gross motor skills, hand and eye coordination and reasoning.

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3. Encourage Making Friends

Let your child make as many friends as he wants. Provide the group with a variety of toys so that they will be engaged in playing rather than watching TV.

Ideally toddlers should not remain inactive (while awake) for more than an hour at a time. Playing games like hide-and-seek, kickball, playhouse, mini tennis etc. will make your child active with other kids and will also make him social.

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4. Set an Example

It’s unfair to preach your child to be active and remain inactive yourself. Though she may not say anything, she will get a question in her mind about the contradiction and she will be confused.

Don’t let her be confused – get yourself moving! Activities that you can undertake include swimming, walking, jogging, hiking and exercises done at home like yoga or aerobics.

You can even enroll for a Mommy and Me gym or yoga or dance class so that you both can have a structured exercise at the same time and you’ll set an example for your child.

With the right amount of activity, you can enjoy watching your child growing in a perfectly healthy, energetic and cheerful human.

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