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5 unusually cool gifts for him

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So your guy best bud’s birthday is coming up and you want to give him a few unique birthday gifts, something that isn’t really a common thing to give to someone during a birthday, something unique, unusual yet still very functional, something so… him.

There are many possible things you can give him but the best gifts are often the unexpected ones. Sometimes it maybe a little bit hard to find these gifts but at least you get to give him one of a kind, unique gifts and the effort in going through the internet just to find these unusual gifts just to give to him will surely be acknowledged. Well, you don’t have to search much longer since https://www.luckies.co.uk/ can offer you at least 5 unusually cool gifts for him on his special day.

Common “special” birthday message packaged in an uncommon way

 Usually birthday cards can offer you unique designs to give to your guy best friend but why settle for what’s already usually given? Take it a step further by giving your friend a special birthday message written on the back of a birthday cake shaped jigsaw puzzle. Nothing spells happy birthday quite like the You Complete Me Birthday jigsaw… literally. For only £10.95, you can give your guy bud a unique way of saying happy birthday.

Lights, Camera… that’s it.

 If in any case your guy best friend is into photography as well as vintage stuff and also afraid of the dark, the Camera Light is the perfect birthday gift for him. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone with this £22.95 bedside light which is shaped like a vintage camera. What better way to give as a birthday present than to give him something that he likes and needs at the same time.

Set the notebook on fire! (No, not really)

 Giving your buddy something oversized on his birthday will be something he won’t expect and who will ever expect being given an oversized match looking pencil and eraser? Apparently not your guy best friend. These Matchstick Pencils will definitely be very unusual yet still very functional for him. What better way for him to write down notes than by using matchstick shaped pencils packaged in a vintage looking matchbox/pencil case. For only £5.95, your friend can now say that everything he writes or draws is lit (by a matchstick shaped pencil).

A perfect… match.

 What better way to pair the matchstick pencils that you’re going to give him than Matchstick Notelets (sticky notes) for him to scribble on. Surely it’s going to be a perfect… match. Priced at only £2.95, these unique looking sticky notes is a must have for your friend to light… er, write on.

Cooking will be his bread and… cutter.

 What better way to spell unusual than to give your friend a novelty bread cutter to make all his sandwiches look unique. Bready Made, an £8.95 novelty bread cutter can make all of his bread and sandwich creations look to good to eat. It will make for very unique #foodp0rn photos on Instagram too!

Giving your guy friend unusual gifts for his birthday might be well… unusual, but without a doubt, these will be some of the coolest gifts he will ever receive, whether he admits it or not, he will definitely fall in love with these very unique gifts.


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