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7 Questions You Need To Ask To Yourself before Buying a Toy

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We’d love to hear their first word.  Or capture their first step moment! As parents, we are always looking forward to these wonderful milestones. And through the help of toys, developing their skills and personality is much easier. They learn to be independent. They learn how to be responsible enough. However, choosing an ideal toys are quite tedious. Since there lots of options available from the market, we can’t easily pinpoint what’s the best and what’s not. Hence, here are 7 questions you have to ask to yourself before you make a toy purchase:

Is it durable enough?   Or will it become one of the toys piled high at the back of your closets? Most probably, this scenario is familiar to you. Although traditional toy have a significant role in molding one’s personality, toy must ensure that they have the ability to capture kid’s attention not just in shorter period of time, but for a longer period.

Will my child learn something valuable from this toy?

Science kits, board games and art easel promotes  the chance for your kids to utilize their critical thinking skills in a creative way while puzzles, shape sorters  and even jack-in-the-box  are excellent options for toddlers and babies. These toys can truly help you educate your kids and arouse curiosity inside them.  Do consider the type of playing experience which perfectly suit your child’s development requirements

Is it harmless?

When the recommended age range is not accurate for your child, it’s either they may get bored immediately or they will get disappointed and be exposed rather on the small parts which may pose safety risk. You should be careful when it comes on your child’s development especially on their interests, strengths as well as abilities.

Can my kids play with it on another way?

There are toys which offer countless possibilities tapping the creativity of your children. Say for instance, blocks can be knocked down, stacked, crashed into, lined up or be replaced for play food on a pretend kitchen.

Can your kids use both of their hands while playing these toys?

Buttons, moving parts and gears boost movement and activity. Puzzle construction toys, craft kits, toss-and-catch set and best of quality kid’s sport toys at step2 direct foster motor skill development at all ages.

Does it embolden interaction and communication?

Kitchen sets, dress-up clothes as well as playhouses could be utilized on over one children for you to teach them negotiation and cooperation. It also helps to boost up their imagination.

What your kids do with those toys?

There are instances that we are buying our kids with toys because we (as parents) just want to without even asking how to do and what to do with those toys. Maybe, they are cute enough to lure you or a huggable enough to make you purchase them. But that mentality is not right.  When buying toys, you must know what exactly your tots can do about that and what are the things he/she can learn from it.

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