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A Few Things You Never Knew About Viking Weddings

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How did you know about the Vikings? I am sure it was from one of the movies. If you were an ardent movie fan, then probably, it would have been from one of the old English films. Or perhaps, if your belonged to that group of kids who loved and never missed anyone of the animation movies, then you would have come to know about the Vikings through the very famous animation movie: “How to train your dragon”. The movie which was released in theatres in the year 2010, is a sequel with a collection of three movies altogether. We’ll have to wait and see what comes next of it. However, here we’ll show you some of the wedding traditions which the Vikings followed; interesting ones of course! One of the is that during a wedding, it was not just viking wedding rings that we’re exchanged. To find out what was the other significant thing which was exchanged, read through the article!

  • The Viking wedding was an elaborate and a very serious process

It is true that the first thing which comes to your mind when you hear Viking is brutality. But despite their rugged nature, weddings were at the center of the family structure and was considered sacred and most important. Before a Viking wedding took place, there would have been an elaborate planning which took several months or even several years!

  • The Vikings did not have any specially designed dresses for their weddings

We all know that for the weddings today, the bride and the groom has specially designed dresses for their wedding. These dresses themselves would make both the bride and the groom stand out from the rest. But for the Vikings, they never had something like that. Both the bride and the groom could show up in any dress. However, emphasis was given for the bride’s hair. The longer it was, the better The bride would also carry a sword. And for the groom, he would carry his sword and a weapon like the hammer or that axe, which was the symbol of Thor.

  • Other than wedding rings, the Vikings also exchanged swords

Yes, apart from the viking wedding rings, they also exchanged swords. The groom presents his ancestral sword to the bride. She is to preserve it for any of the sons the pair might have in future. The bride also presents an ancestral sword to the groom. This would symbolize the transfer of the father’s protection of the bride over to her husband. It is after this sword exchange that the rings are exchanged between the bride and the groom. The rings are made from each of their swords.

These are just few of the traditions. Research to find out more!

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