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A Guide to Selecting the Right Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

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Your wedding day is special because it is one of the most memorable moments of your life. For this, you have to be meticulous and resourceful. If in this case, you want to find the right makeup artist, you have to be patient. Finding the right one is a challenge because there are many makeup artists claiming to be the best.

To help you make an informed decision, here’s a guide to choosing the right makeup artist for your wedding day:

Start looking for a makeup professional early

Eight months before your wedding day, you should take note of potential makeup artists and their works. If you have recently attended a wedding and you liked the bride’s makeup style, you can ask for the name of the artist and do some research. For instance, you should see the portfolio of Stella Tu makeup artist in melbourne.

Check the reviews

Makeup artists have a track record and it can help if you read the reviews given by their past clients. Allot time reading the comments posted on bridal forums to get an insight. With the help of reviews, you can significantly narrow down your list of potential makeup artists.

Try one session

After narrowing down your list, call for a trial session. When you come, do not forget to bring photos of the makeup looks you like. This is important so the makeup artist can get the sense of what you want on your wedding day. You should also think about scheduling a whole day shoot – indoor and outdoor. This way, you will see how the makeup lasts and to give the artist idea if what foundation to use for your indoor and outdoor segments. A trial session is not free.

Check their products

Another thing that you should consider is the makeup brand. If you found out that the makeup artist uses the brand that you dislike, it can help to discuss few alternatives. This is crucial if you have skin concerns.

Discuss your hair

Your wedding look is never complete without styled hair. It would be good if the makeup artist and hairstylist work well together. To know, you can schedule a trial with both stylist and artist then observe their dynamics. If your makeup artist is doubling as your hairstylist, it is prudent to check hair portfolio so you can decide.

Think about your entourage

You also need to provide for your entourage from bridesmaids to family members and special guests. Talk to your makeup artist and make sure that they already included this to the cost or estimate. You should also inform the artist how many people need makeup so she can plan accordingly.

Prepare the budget

Before meeting a makeup artist, work out a budget first. It would be good if you have a general idea of the rate so when you ask for an estimate, you can decide accordingly. When you prepare a budget, make sure to stick to it.

Ultimately, the makeup artist is important on your wedding day. When you find the right one, make an appointment or booking right away. With her help, you can face the world confidently and beautifully on your wedding day.

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