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All you need to know about urban clothing and culture

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In many urban regions, urban clothing trends go firmly with urban music cultures like rap and hip-hop. Youth are being heavily influenced by any genre of pop music, and it reflects in their clothing style too. The African American youth has been related to such clothing in USA, whereas in other nations this distinction is not practical. However, music is a precursor for stylish wear. Youngsters styles are influenced by most prominent music personalities and every year, every day and with every performer this urban culture changes.

  • A sneak-peek into the wardrobe of urban clothing wearer

The most common items would be sneakers, t-shirts and hoodies which have some slogans on it. Even though the urban style is mere informal, it also has some jewellery and other stuff that gives an addition to street style. Hats play an essential role in urban style. There were times when men and women wear loose pants with different shoes like heels and sneakers. The person who follows the urban style will have uniqueness in his/her style of colours and shades. Probably they go behind dark or bright colors. Today’s trend is that even the best designers are designing urban clothes. Gangster fashion of oversized clothes followed the urban culture, anyhow today’s popular brand and designer would not be successful tomorrow.

  • Urban wearer and attitude

Those urban wearers must have an attitude. But can you explain what urban person and outfit is and how they are related? For example, if a person says that he/she is urban and follows urban style of fashion, surely has many urban friends or groups who act like the exact way he means it. These are a group of persons who imitates the urban lifestyle and its trends. The funniest part is that these groups will have a leader and the followers manifest based on the leader’s style and fashion too. This is simply urban attitude and quite fashionable. Sounds like a political party and the followers. Isn’t it?

  • Are urban stores popular?

There are many urban stores nowadays as the fashion is leaning towards mainly into urban fashion and style. You are sure to get an urban-inspired outfit over there. For online shoppers, some stores satisfy their customers with door-to-door services. You will find biggest urban stores in Japan, London, NC and Sydney. But now, many other nations are trying to follow the style and execute as their style. With the expansion of pop music, the urban stores are expanding worldwide. Maybe wearing urban dresses and being urban in attitude can’t be considered as gangster anymore. It’s mainly a personalized choice.

Happy urban clothing!!

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