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Different types of bongs

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Bong is a piece of smoking device used to relax or chill out. When people get more stressed, they would really want to relax their mind and puff out all the tension inside their mind. Even medical conditions are treated through smoking. Inhaling the herbal vapours to the lungs and exhaling the unwanted gases in them can help people to feel much better. Brain related issues and asthmatic problems can be healed with the help of these smoking method. Many people misunderstand the concept of smoking and many people use them in wrong ways. There are many types of materials are used to design the bong apparatus and few of them are discussed here,

Ceramic bongs

Ceramic bongs look pretty but they weigh heavy. It is a robust material when compared with other types of bongs. They come in different shapes, colours and sizes. It is fragile and easy to design as it is made out of clay. It is highly expensive and not recommended for daily users. You can use this type of bongs at special occasions. Or you can use this to display or show off on your shelves.

silicone bongs

Silicone bongs

Bongs are classy eye catching smoke accessory. It is an historical type of smoking element. It has been used for years. Earlier people used to use glass bongs to that are best known for its style. And it is most popular for its artistic designs. They will let you gain a high smoking experience. Trying any one of these smoking pipes can make you feel a new experience while smoking. They are affordable and durable. As they are drop resistant you can carry anywhere you go. Even if you drop down your silicone bongs it will not get collapsed or it will not break.

Glass bongs

Indeed glass bongs are royal and stunning. It is made of high quality material and hence it costs higher than silicone bongs. People tend to buy and use these glass bongs as they are majestic. But they will not resist dropping down. It is very difficult to clean and it must be handled with more care. It is one of the most expensive type when compared to other bongs. As they are easily breakable you cannot take along with you when you travel outside. You cannot place them roughly in your bag with other materials. You will have to place it in a box and carry.

Considering and comparing the advantages and disadvantages of different bongs you could buy your apt bong. Also you can check other varieties of water pipes, silicone bongs, glass pipes, dab rigs and more before making a choice. Hope this article gave you some idea about bongs.

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