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Discount coupons for ease of shopping

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As you shop at a store or online, you come across Discount coupons which are nothing but tickets issued to customers to redeem the discount after a purchase. Different sellers have different offers for discount coupons. While it is a very powerful way to get more sales for the seller, customers can bag the discounts and even shop more at reasonable prices. So, discount coupons are used by customers at either a local store or online store as part of a sale or for promotions. With regards to buying boys clothes, as many discount coupons available at https://www.bubswarehouse.com/collections/boys-clothes, there are options for the customer to choose his range and from the options available under that discount coupon.

Shopping online with discount coupons

Many online stores for boys clothing have discount coupons many times during the year. They range from the lowest to highest discount available in the store. You can select the discount range and starting adding things to your basket. As you checkout, the discount code associated with each product gets added and hence you pay less.Refer https://www.bubswarehouse.com/collections/boys-clothes for more information on coupon codes.

Types of discounts:

  1. Percentage discount: This is the most common type of discount offer which can range from as low as 5% to as high as the seller may offer. While smaller incentives are to sales, larger incentives like20-25% off can get huge sales. Sellers use higher discounts like 50% and above to liquidate the sales of things that are not moving.
  2. Value discount: This type of discount is not much preferred by the customers as they feel it is a way of wasting money to get a small discount or coupon for future use. For example, spending a huge amount of money to get as low discount as $100 which can also referred to as a fixed discount. Fixed discounts on clothing will be beneficial when you are spending more than $100 like on big purchases. Else, the percentage discount will be good.
  3. Free shipping is also regarded as a discount coupon. Sellers use the trick of minimum purchase to avoid shipping charges, thereby increasing their sales. Shipping charges also vary for different countries.
  4. Free gifts with purchases are also treated as a discount. Sellers use this quite often towards existing customers to add value to their purchases. Sellers can use this trick very strategically to increase the order or they can even use the product that isn’t moving as a free gift. With this, they are not only increasing sales but adding value to the customer.

How are discount coupons offered?

  1. The most traditional way to offer discounts is during festivals or at the end of the quarter/year to increase the profit margins or to get rid of the stock. While this helps the sellers in meeting their goals, customers bag the offers mostly around the beginning of the month when they have some money in hand.
  2. Some new business gives pre-launch offers to increase the traffic and introduce their services. They would even offer free memberships or discounts for the first few customers.
  3. Holidays are also a good time for offers. You can even find end of season sale with great discounts.


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