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Encouraging Cognitive Development in Children: The Importance of Toys

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From infanthood to the toddler years, children are constantly ingesting new sounds, noises, and concepts as they learn how to reasonably process information. What many parents fail to realise during these impressionable years is the importance of toys in terms of physical, expressive, social, and cognitive development.

How Do Toys Help?

The cognitive skills of critical thinking, remembering, reasoning, and paying attention are all positively impacted by constructive playtime, particularly if you’re working with the right toys. For instance, many of the safe ride on toys from Step2 Direct, such as the easy steer sportster or the push around buggy, allow children to enhance their fine motor skills and learn about cause and effect. As the child drives around the yard, he or she will acquire a sense of autonomy and independence, which provides the essence of “learning from your mistakes”. After bumping into objects and perhaps falling out of the little car, the child will start blending the old with the new and change his or her approach on the next ride. The child will have to track the ground ahead and critically assess the surroundings, which helps develop auditory attention, sensory skills, and self-control.

Merging Fun with Learning

Kinaesthetic learning is achieved by taking part in mentally-stimulating activities rather than by way of a lecture or visual demonstration. This hands-on learning style has proven to be effective in developing cognitive skills, especially if it’s enacted through spaced repetition, which entails studying an item or concept multiple times over the course of many days. In this regard, the Step2 Direct sand and water table toys provide children with a different experience each time that they approach the play set. The child will eventually grow tired of digging in the sand and he or she will eventually decide to blend the sand with the water, which reinforces creativity and artistic ingenuity through adaptation. This type of constructive environment allows you as a parent to impart your own ideas, teachings, and principles to your child, not to mention the fact that you’ll be able to bond with your little one in a fun setting.

The mental stimulation provided by modern play sets allows your child to learn and develop on a subconscious level. Whether it’s a pretend craftsman’s workshop or a tropical sand and water table, providing your child with realistic play sets will establish true-to-life ideas and thought patterns at a very young age, which will effectively lay the groundwork for healthy learning habits moving forward.

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