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How To Determine The Legitimacy Of Cigarette Delivery Service Near Me

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Buying cigarettes online is convenient, money-saving, and fun. However, it comes at the risk of getting your money, personal data and credit card information getting stolen. Some online cigarettes shops are fake and often sell counterfeit black market products. If you are still wondering how to tell if a cigarette delivery service near me is legitimate or fake, here are some things to check out.

The condition of the Website

Illegitimate cigarettes online stores that sell black market or substandard products don’t have the time and money to keep their websites in a decent form. Most of those websites will have been abandoned many months ago so they wouldn’t have any updated content or news. When evaluating a web-shop that sells cigarettes, you have to look at the way it looks and how comfortable it feels navigating through it. You must also ensure you check the usability and accessibility of the website.

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Modes of Payment

A liquor store that specializes in selling alcoholic drinks together with cigarettes must use genuine ways to receive payments for goods purchased. A website that accepts credit cards only should be dealt with caution. Also, any store that does not accept cash payments should be avoided by all means. When you order drinks and cigarettes at night, you will likely want to pay via cash or credit card. If the online store does not accept any of the two modes of payment, you should apply caution when dealing with them.

Have A Chat With The Customer Support

Fraudsters don’t want to be busted. They always do their level best to do everything within their power to steer clear things that could lead to them getting busted. One of the ways they do this is to delay or never answer customer queries that look awkward. To determine if an online liquor and cigarette store is a scam or genuine, you will have to chat with their customer support. If you are kept waiting or your queries are never responded to, you should know right away that such is a fraudster and will only do you more harm than good.

Alexa Rating of the Website

If an online liquor store is genuine, it will have good ratings on search engines and Alexa.inc. Fraudsterstores will likely have been blacklisted and their sites will be ranked very low. Check out the ranking of the store in question on search engines and Alexa before you place an order for drinks or cigarettes. You must ensure that the one you opt for has high ranking and ratings if you don’t want surprises.

When evaluating a cigarette delivery near me to determine if it is operating legally or not, you have to check out certain things. We have outlined some of the fundamental things you must evaluate when selecting a cigarette delivery service. Make sure to check them out before you make your purchase decision. Take your take to go through the website to read customer reviews and check online ratings of the site as well. Chat with the customer support of such an online store to inquire more about their services.

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