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Paintball Guns Reviews

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Paintball began in the 1970s, and since then it has received many enthusiasts who enjoy this type of recreation. The popularity has grown in recent years, especially in the business world, as many consider it suitable for teamwork. This is considered a sport, which can be quite exciting and an ideal way to eliminate pressure from work or home. In this article, we offer a brief presentation of the variations of paintball guns and their development over many years.

The original paintball guns were actually gas powered guns used by the forest industry to refer to trees and trails. Some farmers used them to designate cattle. After this weapon was recycled to provide better speed and safety, they began to be used in a recreational mode. The beginning of a paintball gun (also known as a “marker”) refers to a good and old reliable machine gun. They had to be manually hammered, and they provided a very slow game, not totally effective for paintball.
From this period, paintball guns also evolved into automatic or semi-automatic categories, not to mention sniper rifles, as well as electronic pistols. In recent years, with the gun barrel underwent many changes, the most important change is related to the fact that the barrels were significantly lengthened to provide much better accuracy for the players. These weapons also come in a variety of colors, including camouflage.

Military replicas

Many paintball machine gun companies offer military replicas that satisfy the preferences of a true combat fan. What most people are looking for in paintball guns is precision, but also speed, fire speed, weight and the use of gas are important characteristics. The semiautomatic and automatic paintball guns, mentioned above, are characterized by their highly sensitive triggers and are suitable for experienced players.
Speaking of the update, many weapons allow this by adding a double trigger larger “hopper” (bunker where the paintball load) and more efficient use of gas. Of course, the sighting cosmetics, this is also a method, they are laser visors or more effective for weapons, to add additional precision to the paintball gun. This is the perfect way to update the weapons without having to pay a lot of money to obtain an additional precision, very necessary for this sport


We live in a modern style, which means that everything around us is electronic – is no exception for paint guns as they progressed in the electronic age, with the most accurate speed, low gas pressure, shooting modes programmable and hair triggers. Some of the first class pistols even equipped with LCD panels; such pistols are used by professional players. Some of the manufacturers of electronic pistols affirm that their guns can send 30 balls by second, a record that not yet has been surpassed by other types of arms.

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