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Reviews are the Ruses of First Order in Online Networking Media

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Feedback is a powerful tool in measuring one’s strengths, weaknesses, threats, targets and opportunities. It is the yardstick that allows one to keep a check on current trends and needs of one’s customers and develop strategies tocater to them. For online networking sites and multi- level marketing websites, feedback is provided in the form of reviews and ratings. The biggest marketing strategy and links of MLMs is spreading information and awareness of the website by getting the customers talking about it. As Jeff Bezos once said that bad information is passed around from ear to ear to people via hearsay or word- of- mouth, it reaches 6 or 600 people, but when a bad review is written online, it reaches the world, implying the gravitas of a review. The same adagefollows suit in case of good reviews also. Once the internet connects, an indelible reputation is inevitably garnered by the commercial websites, like trunited reviews. Online reviews are given by the customers with the help of tools like sharing comments that will be publicly posted for other customers buying the same product or wishing to know further information about the same, or sharing videos that educate people about the good product from bad which will again simulate conversations about opinions regarding the same, or by simply posting a rating about one’s satisfaction with the services and ultimately, the product of interest, all of which ultimately is used to enhance shopping experience for all kinds of opportunity consumers and users online.

Reviews can be broadly affiliated to two categories, namely product reviews and site reviews, such as the trunited reviews, most active online shopping customers must be well- aware of. The explanation of them is quite simple and eponymous. Under product reviews, customers post comments and pictures, and sometimes even videos about their opinion on the product they have ordered, and even advising for and against any action with regard to the product. On the other hand, site reviews are critical appreciations and posts about the performance of the site through which customers are able to buy products. All kinds and means of reviews are quintessential to all network marketing sites, especially those offering online shopping. The flamboyantly written opinions, from customers all round the world, are more often than not, very genuine, and they create a diaspora in the internet world that attracts hundreds of other customers by giving them confidence to write and socialize from their households!

‘A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.’ Online reviews serve as much more than just opinion delivering platforms. In a way, they challenge expectations that the companies have to constantly live up to and grant guaranteed solutions. Through these reviews consumers also act as agents of marketing where the information provided by them gives a first- hand report of their experience, something that the customers believeto be more authentic more than the description provided at the websites. Especially, when the offers the website provide seem too good to be true, like earning money on purchases, instant discounts etc.Reviews help in increasing usage ranking, customer engagement, and also build a foundation that leads to the building of a successful website. They function in a way of extending security, confidence and support to not just the fellow customers, but also to the company in the manner that both inculcate integrity and stay loyal partners for a long way to come.

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