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Shoes maketh a man

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We tell you which kind of shoes you can wear with the clothes you have in your wardrobe – never go wrong again!

It’s a strange conundrum to be in if you’re a man. On the one hand, the world expects you to look presentable and well turned out. But if you take a lot of interest in your own appearance, you are termed as vapid and vain!

Let the haters hate – it is your prerogative if you want to look like you just stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine. But the problem is that looking fashionable is about having the right instincts about trendy clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. You might feel a little unsure about many things – and the biggest area of concern is which shoes go with what! You may have a lot of different types of shoes for men in your collection, or you may have just one category of footwear. Either way, the chances of committing a fashion faux pas with the wrong footwear are quite high.

Don’t worry, we have your back – and your feet! – With our easy guide on pairing the right men’s shoes with what you’ve got in your wardrobe:

Mojris and jutties: These are easy. Traditional Indian footwear pairs well with ethnic ensembles like churidar-kurtas, dhotis, sherwanis, etc. But you would be surprised how versatile a pair of mojris can be even with certain Western wear. Try this outfit the next time: a pair of slim fit trousers, a Nehru jacket over a full-sleeved shirt and mojris adorning your feet. It’s a classy East-meets-West fashion statement you should not miss out on.

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Brogues:These are formal shoes, and their styling lends them well to fitted trousers and chinos. Brogues in leather are ideal for formal office wear, and you can even wear them with straight fit cotton trousers if skinny or slim fits are not your thing. Meanwhile, brogues in suede or canvas look great on fitted jeans. You can find a wide variety of these shoes online on leading fashion sites.

Sneakers: Sneakers are uber casual and must be paired only with denim jeans. Wearing sneakers with formal trousers or cotton pants is a cardinal fashion sin that was last committed in the 1990s. Sneakers go well with jeans and shorts, and they are ideal for walking. Buy these shoes for men with comfortable soles and you’re good to go, whether on a night out with friends or a date with your special someone.

Boots: Boots can get quite tricky, and some men are apt to wear them with their workwear trousers. Here’s what we say to that: No, just no. The boots you wear may be really sleek, but overall, this category of footwear is heavier and more suited to outdoorsy activities. Before going walking, hiking or simply biking, be sure to pick a good pair of these shoes online.

Flip flops: These are great for walking short distances, and on super casual occasions. You can buy them online from leading fashion sites, in a variety of colours and materials. Pair with cargos or shorts.

Now that you’ve got the gist of the right kind of footwear to go with your clothing, you can proceed to buy  shoes online to add to your wardrobe.

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