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Signs That prove Your Marriage Needs Help

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There comes a stage in every marriage – the stage of rebellion, which both the husband and wife has to carefully navigate. Married life has several stages starting with passion. During this stage the couple has only love and compassion for each other. During the second stage, realization, they tend to discover more about each other – flaws, regrets, shortcomings, the innermost desires and dreams and they accept each other for who they are. The third stage is what every couple has to be careful about. It is the rebellion stage. Now that they have been living together for quite some time, knowing each other well, the self-interests within each other comes out with full force and leads to conflicts, fights and eventually hatred. This is a time when you need marriage help.

Take a careful look at the signs listed below. If you can relate them with your life, then do not hesitate. Fix an appointment with a counselor and rush for help.

  • When star-crossed lovers turn into mere room-mates.

If you remember the first days of your marriage, you would definitely understand this. If the love amidst you has diminshed – like the decreased physical contact, lack of care and compassion, it shows that you live together just for the sake of being together.

  • When silence dominates the home that was once filled with chatter.

Silence is a one way to measure distance between people. If the amount of silence increases between your partner and you, it definitely means you are drifting apart.

  • You know that something between the two of you is not right, but still cannot find a way to resolve things.

If this is the case, then the best thing to do is to seek the help of a third person; which is reach out to a counselor for marriage help.

  • If separation seems to be the only solution for the two of you.

Couples fight. But if one decides to stay out of the house and that appears to be the only solution, we have a big problem at our hands. At first, it may be only a night. Then, it slowly increases to longer periods of staying away from home and finally separation.

Seeking help is not something one should be ashamed of, especially when it comes to saving your marriage. A divorce is a very painful process. Rule out the cost factors. It only brings havoc into the lives of all parties involved. If there are children involved, it adds to the misery. Child custody battles are often ugly and leave a scar in kids’ minds. Therefore, when it comes to marriage, saving is always better than separation.

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