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Gemstones are not just known for its beauty and elegance in the world of jewelry making, it is also widely used to fuel superstitious beliefs and is connected to spirituality and other forms of lore making it a more valuable form of precious stone.

In particular, are topaz. Topaz has several meanings in a person’s life, birthmonth to be specific. Each kind of topaz has distinct meanings according to its designated months in the entire year.

The best example is the London Blue Topaz. This kind of topaz is the variety of the blue topaz. The London Blue Topaz meaning and other types of blue topaz is that it is considered as the “Writers Stone”. Its spiritual purpose is that it provides an inspiration and creativity if your profession is writing and this stone prevents mental blocks for writers.

The vibrations of the London Blue Topaz and other types of the blue topaz within the throat chakra can clearly be recognized by most people.

London blue topaz meaning

It has a strong characteristics and energy that gives the people who possesses it.

The people who have blue topaz has an improved way of self expression, helping them in work or studies.

This type of topaz also works through the third eye of chakra that helps people with mental abilities that may bestow them an elevation to their abilities to think and to express themselves clearly when they are processing mental or brain based activities.

For people who are connected in the spiritual world, this stone aids them to improve their psychic abilities especially those who practices psychic reading, tarot card reading and other forms of psychic communications that comes through. Rational explanation suggests that the London Blue Topaz and other types of blue topaz have a unique vibration that unites the mind, body, and spirit for those people who possess this stone which in result helps the person using it to improve their communication with the public.

This is also linked to helping the healing of a physical defect that restricts the person’s ability to speak clearly. Bottomline is, blue topaz is the stones that focus on improving the aspect of a person’s communication to reach out to other people effectively.

Topaz can be found around the world. The main producing areas of this precious stone is Brazil, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Germany, Australia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and the United States.

Topaz is a very hard type of stone with 8.0 on the Moh’s scale making it a fantastic gem for use in the jewelry industry.

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