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Tips to Buy Safe Eliquids for Your Vape Pens

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It’s important to concentrate on the flavors, package, and their reviews that help to buy the excellent choice before picking the stuff. After all your body is inhaling the vapor, it’s highly recommended to buy a top-quality ejuice for your vaporizers. Ask this question before you buy them, such as the ejuice company has issued the rights to sell the mixture or not.

Does the shisha store has extracted the proper eliquid ingredients and produced in a clean IS07 room? And does the website provide the proper facility as promised? It could be unpleasant to learn that ejuices are mixed in the hysterical environment which can be easily contaminated.  Make sure you have a word with the store vendor that have they visited the lab or they have completed the diligence to verify the ejuice that they are having.

Identify the ratio of PG/VG

Most of the customers will have a small rate of PG allergies (propylene glycol), make sure you consult the doctor if you’re in need of maximum or higher VG (vegetable glycol) mixture. Understand that maximum VG will result in greater cloud production and you have to sacrifice flavor and throat hit. Ask for the nicotine levels and a ratio of PG / VG levels that determine the feel of the throat hit. Disposable vaporizers are available for the cost of $10 at the gas stations, such as Mark and Blu that don’t list the ingredients.

Visit the nearest vape stores for some ejuice taste that has the ratio of PG / VG equal. It might take time, but ultimately you’ll succeed in finding the right flavor for the specific cloud production and throat hit. After you put your time and effort you’ll be happy to find the best vape that’s under your comfort zone, which makes to quit smoking.

Determine the nicotine levels

If you want to convert the pack a day habit to vapor then you might have to start at the higher nicotine level that will help to wean off. Many retail shoppers will start the mixture by adding 12mg and cut off the levels gradually, like 3mg. This slow reduction in the nicotine levels would be a great help to kick off the habit.

Set the goal to reduce the intake of the nicotine and give some time for 4-6 months to slow down the levels. The result might vary from person to person and it could take around 1 or 2 year to cut down the nicotine levels. Keep a track sheet to verify the results and work on your goal to quit smoking.

Glass over the plastic

Recent steady transitions from the plastic to glass bottles have been implemented for good reasons, such as:

  • Plastic bottles might have dangerous chemical elements, like BPA (Bisphenol A)
  • Glass bottles are easy to sterilize before they undergo the ejuice production
  • Glass bottles are environment-friendly and easily recycled.

Childproof caps are necessary and you can find such capped bottles are available at the shisha store to reduce the damages that are caused by the bottle caps.

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