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Tops buying guides which makes you to look better

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Jean is one of the most common and casual outfit for women in today’s world. Due to the comfort and class many people love to wear it for all occasions. A top which suits your jean well is very important to give you a nice look. When it comes to jean or trousers tops there are plenty of options available in today fashion market. Make sure that the top which you are selecting will suit the color of your jean and the occasion you are going to wear it. When it comes to jean and tops mix match is the common trend among people. Mix match must need some fashion knowledge to perfect match the pair.

Select the Length of top:

It is very important to select the length of your top, which makes major difference in look. If you are short, it is better to avoid wearing long tops, probably it won’t suits you. Tall ladies can go with both long and short top. It is also advisable not to wear too small tops when you are tall, sometimes it won’t look good some occasions. Short tops of going out tops are perfect for parties.

Fitting and Size:

Women’s at younger age prefer to wear fit and tight tops which look gorgeous on them. It is advisable to avoid wearing tops which is fit and too tight; it may not look good and makes you to feel uncomfortable. Always select the one which is perfectly fit and makes you to feel comfortable and ease. Also tight tops won’t suits for all types of figures; it may be perfect for slim and curved body. So if you are fat then it is better to avoid wearing tight tops.


Color, which is the main thing you have to consider while selecting a top. Mostly people buy tops after buying their jean or trousers or skirt. So make sure that the selected color will suit your bottom part and the occasion on which you are going to wear it. Most girls love to wear colors like pink, yellow, green orange, red and blue. If your bottom is mild color then go with dark tops and vice versa. Sometimes both with dark or mild color will suite perfectly. It is depends on the color that you choose.

Style and design:

As every occasion needs different types of top you have to buy the one which is perfect for the occasion. If you are looking to buy it for wedding then you can go with ethnic tops, which is the perfect choice for wedding, or if you looking for daily wear or for meeting then you can look for some casual and formal tops.

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